Looking for great dining in Medford, Oregon? Southern Oregon offers some amazing restaurants to enjoy when dining in the area for lunch or dinner. We love experimenting and trying new things so here are some restaurants that are within walking distance from Lady Geneva Bed and Breakfast that we enjoy.

Decant Restaurant:

(541) 776-1234  –  1108 E. Main Street  –  Medford, OR 97504

“We believe in living a clean, natural, and organic lifestyle mirroring that of the old world, where people eat only local foods. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and we source from local farmers to promote sustainability. We want to showcase how fertile the Southern Oregon valley is and the amazing bounty available from local farmers. We’re excited to share our wine and food knowledge with Southern Oregon. We want to educate anyone willing to learn on wines of the world as well as how they compare to local wines. We will strive to constantly create new menu items and wine pairings.” – Decant Restaurant 

Why we love it? 

Decant Restaurant is not only less than 5 minutes from Lady Geneva Bed and Breakfast, they always welcome our guests with the same high level of attention as we do. Mention you are staying at Lady Geneva, and you’ll receive the VIP treatment!

Elements Tapas:

(541) 779-0135 –  101 E. Main Street  –  Medford, OR  97501

“The tapas tradition originated in the Andalucian region of Southern Spain, and like many traditions, it is steeped in mystery. ‘Tapa’ means ‘lid’ in Spanish, and is derived from the verb ‘tapar’ which means to cover or place something on top of. Some believe that the first tapas were pieces of cured ham or bread placed over the top of a glass of wine or sherry to keep out flies. Another story holds a Spanish king responsible for making a law that each drink must be served with food.  Whatever the origin, it is a way of eating and drinking communally that is changing the way people view a night out.  Elements is located in the “Goldy Building” built in 1907.” – Elements Tapas

Why we love it? 

Having lived in Spain for several years I was brought up eating the traditional spanish meals and Elements knows how to present them authentically. The service is great and the portions are fantastic. You can enjoy several dishes and feel completely satisfied.

Tap & Vine at 559:

(541) 500-1632  –   559 Medford Center –  Medford, OR 97504 –  (The Village, across from Tinseltown)

“Tap & Vine at 559 has live music, shareable bites, happy hour, and a varied menu to suit many different tastes and dietary requirements. It is located in The Village where there are retail shops, Collaborative Theater Project, ColdStone Creamery Ice Cream, Tinseltown Movie Theater, and other shops.” – Tap & Vine at 559

Why we love it?

Most of our guests drive long distances to get to Medford in Southern Oregon so having a great restaurant nearby is really nice. They have live music on the weekends and a Happy Hour! Their menu changes frequently so you can enjoy a variety of dishes, as well as an amazing variety of beers on Tap and wines.

Pomodori Osteria & Bar:

(541) 779-4162  –  410 East Main Street –  Medford Oregon 97501 

“A Dream that has been cooking for years. Our family first arrived in America from Italy in 1927 by way of Ellis Island. I’m inspired by the traditional approach my Nona took to cooking in our kitchen growing up. Simple dishes, the absolute best ingredients available, and a lot of love. I hope that comes through in every dish we serve at Pomodori, because is it what my Nona would want.” – Pomodori Restaurant

Why we love it?

Another restaurant within walking distance and we feel that it is an authentic Italian style restaurant. Their portions are quite large so no need to order too many dishes but you definitely feel the love of Italy!